2022 Worker’s Comp Power Broker Steve Love shares his knowledge of insurance technology and what makes brokerage a great career: Risk and Insurance

Steve Love, CEO of SolePro, shares his journey to a career in brokerage and the origins of his company Insurtech.

One of the ripple effects of the pandemic is how it accelerated many of the trends that had just taken hold in worker compensation, such as telehealth and a greater emphasis on mental health and wellness. to be workers.

Brokers have had to pivot and adapt quickly in order to provide clients with the right solutions at the right time. Steve Love, CEO, SolePro, is one of six brokers honored as 2022 Workers’ Compensation Power Brokers for their achievements in guiding clients through the new landscape.

Risk & Insurance® spoke with Love about his journey in the industry, the impact of the pandemic and the creation of his company SolePro.

Risk & Insurance: What led you to pursue a career in brokerage?

Steve Love: I studied psychology in school and decided it wasn’t for me.

My father worked in the management of a large insurance company. I knew a lot of people in the business and they all seemed successful, so I said, “I can do this!”

R&I: What are the biggest differences you’ve seen in how clients are approaching their workers’ compensation programs since the start of the pandemic?

SL: The problem of working from home is the most important issue, as well as the precautions related to it for people who come to the office.

R&I: Can you tell us a bit about SolePro? What was the genesis of this Insurtech platform for clients, what does it do and how has it helped clients since its inception?

SL: SolePro – it’s a fantastic solution to a big problem in writing small workers’ compensation. It’s simple and very effective.

SoleX is a minimum premium policy coupled with a 24 hour accident policy. It’s immediate coverage with no waiting, no mid-term audits, no changing AR carriers – and all online. We can instantly translate into any language.

Solo I is owner controlled. It’s the same quick and easy online process that policyholders can complete on their phone.

Plus is regular workers compensation [policy] for employers with employees in 43 states.

R&I: Who do you think have been your greatest mentors and why?

SL: I’ve had many mentors, but an old friend of mine in the business once told me two things that I’ll never forget that helped me so much.

First, learn to say “No”. Understand that you can’t do everything for everyone.

Second, do the worst things first – do the worst things you need to do that day first, then it’s over and you don’t have to think about it anymore. Very good advice.

R&I: What professional achievement are you most proud of?

SL: What professional achievement am I most proud of? Easy. That tons of my employees have been with me for 10, 15 and 20 years!

Without them, I couldn’t have achieved much.

R&I: What advice would you give to young people entering the workers’ compensation brokerage industry?

SL: My advice to young entrants entering the workers’ compensation brokerage industry — Go!

It’s a big industry, and we need young people.

You can work in any segment you wish. If you enjoy fishing or hunting, specialize in these programs. Build relationships and have fun. The longer you stay, the better! &

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