Attracting and winning new business (for legal services in the modern world)

By Legal futures Partner LEAP Legal Software

With inflation at its highest level in forty years, “business as usual” is a dangerous state of mind. If your business does not grow, it is likely to decline. If it does grow, what specific steps are you taking to get there and are you setting goals that are bold enough to ensure you continue to grow and stay ahead of your competition?

By sticking with the status quo, you will continue to get the same results, continuous innovation is crucial. Don’t rest on your laurels during quiet times and always be prepared for what lies ahead. More than ever, customers are reviewing their spending habits, shopping and being more selective about how they spend their money. The internet offers a wealth of new service options, locally, nationally and beyond, and customers can make better, more informed decisions before they even consider knocking on your door.

Consumers today don’t always need or want to see their lawyer in person or even talk on the phone. Facilitating customers electronically ensures they can engage with you when they want, when it’s convenient for them, from anywhere and from any device.

Using technology should be a positive experience rather than a hindrance, the legal practice management system you use, for example, is not there to replace you, far from it, it is there to provide efficiencies, increase productivity, automate processes and allow you to have more time to do the job you were trained to do and provide excellent service to your customers.

A legal CRM ensures that you have a single source of truth and a full audit trail of all your leads, referrals and inquiries, rather than a scribbled post-it note that can be lost or destroyed before you are done. have converted the request to a customer. , and once they’re customers, there are ways to onboard them electronically, in minutes rather than days. Why mail your instructions when you have electronic signatures and identity verification tools at your fingertips?

There’s no one thing you can do to grow your law practice and succeed, but if you maximize your visibility, deliver a distinct service, and plan for success, you can revolutionize your practice. By engaging with technology to automate and streamline processes, create efficiencies and productivity gains, you’ll free up time to focus on those critical activities to ensure your future success.

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