Bartz Law Group, APC provides trusted whistleblower legal services

Bartz Law Group, APC, a leading labor law firm in California, provides effective legal services for whistleblower cases.

Problems in the workplace often arise due to various disagreements between employees and their employers. However, with the help of labor law firms, employees who have been mistreated by their employers can be sure of getting compensation for their claims. In California, Bartz Law Group, APC is a leading legal institution focused on providing employees with effective legal representation services. The law firm specializes in various labor law cases and provides its clients with good and positive verdicts for their cases. Their legal services are tailor-made to uphold and protect the rights of employees in different industries. Therefore, they use a customer first approach in their services. The firm’s practice areas include employee consumer legal remedy law, actions involving non-competition clauses, false claims and time law, discrimination, whistleblowers, retaliation, harassment, the law on misleading advertising and unfair competition.

In response to an inquiry about their services, Bartz Law Group spokesperson, APC, said, “Our firm was established by attorney Aaron Bartz, a lawyer specializing in class and representative actions. We focus on protecting the rights of our clients and work closely with them, so that we can obtain as much information as possible about their cases. We understand the type of difficulties that many employees go through and with our experience in the field, we ensure that they achieve satisfactory results. »

At Bartz Law Group, APC, they provide their clients with efficient and results-oriented employment services. As a leading labor law firm in California, they use standard procedures to protect the rights of their clients. They defend the rights of their clients in court, in arbitration and before government agencies. They are well experienced and versed in California federal labor law. Due to their dedication to providing their clients with quality services, they offer them personalized services as this allows them to get all the details they need about their clients’ cases. They have a proven track record in various cases, such as unfair dismissals, and they are adept at defending clients who have been unlawfully terminated. People looking for a California labor law firm may contact Bartz Law Group, APC.

The spokesperson added: “We offer extensive employment law services. Our experience and skills in various areas of labor law set us apart from many of our competitors. For example, whistleblower laws are known to come in several varieties. These laws protect state and federal employees when employers violate federal or state laws. With whistleblower laws, employees can make their voices heard. It also allows them to report any violations, which could be a violation of federal or state laws. Our job as a client-focused firm is to provide our clients with highly effective legal representation. You can contact us today if you have any further questions.

Bartz Law Group, APC has collected settlements for various clients. These include a $4.9 million settlement with a Fortune 500 recruiting firm, a $5.5 million settlement with a national fitness chain, and a 13-year whistleblower settlement. million with a Fortune 500 medical device company. Those who would know California employee laws should contact Bart Law Group, APC.

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Bartz Law Group, APC is a leading employment law firm. Employees who want contact a whistleblower lawyer in california should consider contacting the company.

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