Disabled woman accuses McDonald’s of discrimination after “refusing Happy Meal while driving and telling her to come in”

A DISABLED woman accused McDonald’s of discrimination after staff told her she could only order a Happy Meal inside.

Lynne Holman couldn’t enter the store due to her disability, so instead she tried ordering fast food from the drive-thru window, she said.


Lynne Holman, disabled, accused McDonald’s of “discrimination”Credit: Google Street View

Lynne explained how she got to the restaurant on Warwick Road in Loughborough, Leicestershire, and asked the team for a Chicken Nugget Happy Meal.

But she claims the staff told her she couldn’t order Happy Meals, but could order an average chicken nugget meal instead.

A Chicken McNugget Happy Meal costs £ 2.59, but an average Chicken McNugget meal will cost customers £ 4.79, despite being larger.

But Lynne told Leicestershire Live when she went to the next window to pay, she saw “a lot of people” dating Happy Meals.

Lynne accused McDonald’s of “discrimination” and said she contacted McDonald’s head office to file a complaint.

She said: “This is discrimination against people with disabilities because I could not enter the store and I was penalized because of my disability.”

Lynne claims that after following the franchise “several times” she was offered a £ 10 voucher, but to use it she has to spend £ 10 first.

She added: “I emailed them telling them I was disgusted with them thinking all I wanted was good guys. I just think it’s so sad that people people with disabilities are discriminated against and that must stop. “

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said, “We are aware of this customer’s complaint and our customer service team is working with both the customer and the restaurant to find a solution.

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