Throughout our lives we can borrow money, whether it’s to buy a car, buy a house, do some work, or even finance personal projects such as travel or a wedding. Indeed, the use of credit is increasingly used because rates are always more interesting, and we do not always want to tap into our savings, if we have. There are a large number of different credits and a multitude of players on the market offering these offers of credits. fleshes this out

With credit comparisons, we no longer need to spend hours studying offers on the internet, or multiply appointments in bank branches. The credit comparison is our best ally to save time and find the best credit offer in a simplified way. The comparison is fast, simple and free.


The comparative credit: How does it work?

The comparative credit: How does it work?

Many credit companies exist on the market, offering different offers. It is therefore important to compare the offers of credit to find the most interesting for you, and the one that will best meet your expectations and your needs. Credits, depending on their nature, may be granted by traditional banks, credit institutions, but also by companies present on the internet, specialized in consumer credit.

There are also several credit formulas, depending on your projects:

  • The mortgage
  • Auto and motorcycle credit
  • The credit for works
  • Personal credit to finance leisure
  • Cash personal credit

Interest rates and terms of repayment are important criteria to take into account when comparing personal credit offers, which you can view with your credit comparison.
In order to obtain a comparison of credits, it is necessary to use a comparator, which is a tool dedicated to the comparison of credits of all kinds. Just enter several information in the comparator to get the offers. You will be asked for the following information:

  • The nature of credit (car loans, real estate loans, personal loans …)
  • The amount you want to borrow
  • The duration of the credit
  • Some information about you and your professional situation.


What to compare?

credit loan

Several criteria are to be taken into account and to compare to choose your loan thanks to the comparative credit:

  • The interest rate of the loan
  • The duration of the loan
  • The cost of insurance
  • The total cost of credit

The credit comparison allows you not only to save time but also to save money, thanks to the comparative credit made. One of the key criteria in choosing a credit is its overall cost, which will be calculated using the APR, which includes all credit charges. The comparator allows you to make comparisons of credits, and compare the cost of several credits online, to opt for the cheapest credit.

Regarding the rate, it is important to distinguish the posted rate, which can be called the TNC (the Conventional Nominal Interest Rate), which can be tempting, and the APR, the Global Annual Effective Rate, which gives it a accurate indication of total credit, including insurance. Indeed, the lower the interest rate, the less your personal credit will cost you money.
The bank or credit institution will have to offer you monthly payments that do not exceed 33% of your income. This percentage corresponds to the debt ratio.
Your comparative credit will allow you to compare the essential points of your future credit:

  • Global Annual Effective Rate (APR): it gives a vision of the total cost of the credit, taking into account the interests, the fees of the file as well as the insurance.
  • Bank charges: They vary from bank to bank, some banks will charge fees, and other banks will offer you.

Banks may also have some benefits such as a free credit card

Banks may also have some benefits such as a free credit card

The comparative credit also makes it possible to compare the advantages of each credit and of each bank or credit institution. For example, certain financial institutions may offer you some flexibility regarding your monthly payments, such as the possibility of postponing a monthly payment in the event of a hard blow, or of revising monthly payments downward or upward. It is important to note that the longer your monthly payments, the longer your personal credit will last, and the higher the total cost of credit.

Insurance is also an important element of your future credit, and it is also possible to make a comparison of insurance online, via an insurance comparator. Depending on the type of credit desired, the bank or lending organization may ask you to take out compulsory insurance.


How to make a comparative credit?

loan credit

In order to compare the different offers for your credit, simply enter in the loan comparator tool, some information about you and about your project to know:

  • The type of loan desired,
  • the amount of credit desired,
  • The purpose of the loan
  • the duration of the loan

Once all this information is entered, the comparator can offer you several offers, the most advantageous rates, at the highest interest rates. Of course, the credit rate is not the only criterion to be taken into account, it is also necessary to compare the various expenses of each bank or credit institution.


Your guarantees must be solid to obtain your credit

Your guarantees must be solid to obtain your credit

Once you have chosen the most advantageous credit offer,just make a loan application, which you can mostly do online. The bank or credit institution will ask you to provide certain supporting documents, such as a photocopy of your ID, your latest pay slips, proof of address, your latest tax notice, and your latest bank statements. .

Your guarantees must be solid to obtain your credit, that is to say that you will have a stable job, good income and regular, have a good capacity for savings, and not be stuck at the Bank of France. The bank or lending agency will also verify that you have not exceeded your authorized overdraft.