JD Howlette Law, a civil litigation firm, provides high quality legal services in Washington, DC

Washington D.C.: JD Howlette Law represents clients in a wide variety of civil litigation. His specialized practice areas include federal litigation, tax controversies, business law and general civil litigation. The firm’s business law and litigation practice encompasses issues relating to breach of contract, partnership disputes, contractor payment disputes, insurance coverage disputes, fraud, misrepresentation and more. Moreover. The firm also offers fractional general counsel services to companies looking for a more permanent strategic legal partner to help them grow, manage risk and capitalize on future opportunities. Howlette Attorney and his team help clients navigate the legal landscape in a way that best protects their interests and those of their businesses.

The Washington, DC-based civil litigation firm also represents individuals and businesses involved in tax disputes with the Internal Revenue Service, the United States Department of Justice, and various state revenue departments. Also known as tax controversy or tax litigation, these cases may involve tax refund lawsuits, civil penalty disputes, tax abatement and penalty claims, tax promoter injunctions , Federal Tax Lien Enforcement Lawsuits, IRS Administrative Appeals, Audit Reconsideration Requests, Offers in Compromise. (OCI) and disbursement agreement requests. Attorney Howlette spent several years as General Counsel with the Tax Division of the United States Department of Justice, where he argued a wide variety of civil tax cases in federal courts across the country. on behalf of the United States. The firm relies on the experience of lawyer Howlette to provide its clients with superior legal services in resolving their tax problems.

A significant portion of the law firm‘s practice is devoted to representing clients in federal civil litigation, including claims under Section 1983, actions under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), Title VII cases, civil forfeiture actions and post-judgment debt collection. Navigating the complexities of litigation in federal courts requires specialized knowledge and skills. Attorney Howlette and his team are intimately familiar with the procedures, strategies, and processes of litigation in federal courts and the resolution of multi-faceted civil disputes involving large amounts, complex statutory and regulatory provisions, and diverse parties in different jurisdictions.

JD Howlette Law also represents corporations and individuals in tort claims, including personal injury and product liability. Regardless of the nature of the tort (also known as a tort), the JD Howlette Law team provides defensive and affirmative representation based on the needs of the client and the position of the case. The firm meticulously creates a custom legal strategy for each client’s case, as tort law is one of the largest categories of civil litigation and the laws differ widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Clients involved in real estate disputes such as commercial contract disputes, property rights, property acquisitions, and boundary disputes can obtain necessary legal assistance from JD Howlette Law’s litigation team. The team takes the time to fully understand each client’s objectives before developing a litigation strategy that will adequately protect their real estate interests. If there are better alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options, such as mediation or arbitration, the team educates the client on the intricacies of the processes and procedures associated with each ADR option.

Clients looking to start a business or those looking for legal services to help them manage and protect their business operations can get high quality assistance from JD Howlette Law. The business law team advises clients on important start-up considerations and key legal compliance obligations. The team provides each client with the personalized attention and care needed to ensure they are well equipped to overcome the legal hurdles and liability pitfalls associated with starting and running a successful business.

JD Howlette Law’s main office is located at 1140 3rd Street NE, Suite 2124, Washington, DC 20002. Clients interested in obtaining legal services may contact the team at (202) 921-6080 or by emailing at [email protected] Visit the company’s website for more information.

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