Justice SC Lalit opens legal services mega camp in Kanyakumari

Supreme Court Judge Justice Uday Umesh Lalit on Sunday opened a legal services mega camp in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, and reported five mobile vans that will travel through various parts of the southern state to raise awareness of the legal services available to citizens.

During the camp’s inauguration as part of the ongoing Pan-Indian campaign, Judge Lalit, who is also the executive chairman of the National Legal Services Authority, said the COVID-19 pandemic had not cooled down morale in legal services institutions and had instead boosted morale. to provide more and better services.

“The inauguration began with Judge Uday Umesh Lalit pointing out five mobile vans, which would pass through various parts of Tamil Nadu and publicize the legal services made available to citizens by legal service institutions,” a memo said. release published by the legal services authority.

He said that during the ceremony, Judge Lalit handed over a copy of the collector’s sanction order for reserving land as a burial place for a group of transgender people, who had previously petitioned the authority of the legal services during the Pan-Indian campaign to establish a burial site. in their locality.

The press brief said that in the camp, 26 children orphaned during the pandemic received Rs 3 lakh each while disability certificates were distributed to more than 50 people with disabilities. “Five motorized vehicles intended for the use of people with reduced mobility were also given to the beneficiaries. Thirty crop insurance benefits were also paid. The widow of a fisherman, who lost his life on the high seas, received Rs 3 lakh, ”he said, adding that several other benefits had also been extended by various departments.

He said more than 600 people from various vulnerable communities attended the camp and were made aware of the existence of government social assistance and legal aid programs.

The press note added that the inaugural ceremony was also attended by the judges of the Madras High Court, Judge M Duraiswamy, who is the executive chairman of the Tamil Nadu State Legal Services Authority, and Judge T Raja, who is the Chairman of the High Court Legal Services Committee. . PTI ABA SRY

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