Lex Machina Adds Nearly 400,000 Cases to Federal Courts of Appeals and Improved Analysis of District Court Cases

MENLO PARK, Calif., April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lex Machina, creator of Legal Analytics and a LexisNexis company, has launched Legal Analytics for Federal Courts of Appeal (“Appellate Analytics”). Now Lex Machina users have access to the full story of what happens during litigation, from district courts to appeals.

With Appellate Analytics, Lex Machina adds nearly 400,000 circuit court cases from all 13 federal circuits. Users will recognize a familiar interface that allows them to find the appeals most relevant to their case and get exciting new information, including judge overturn rates, appeal resolutions, and appeal decisions.

Lex Machina is the only platform with the underlying data, technology and expertise to bring legal analysis to calls. Users can be confident that every case resolution, damages award, finding, and remedy has been reviewed by the Lex Machina team. With the new enhancements, users can better understand the effects of an appeal on a district court case and easily see the full picture.

Brand new analytics features for Courts of Appeal include:

  • complete analysis of the results
  • analyzes on timing and appeal decisions
  • circuit court judge, law firm, attorney and party data
  • cases, registry entries and documents, with typical Lex Machina features

District level trial court improvements include:

  • customizable override rates for all district court judges
  • all results approved by final call

All federal courts now have:

  • easy connections between Federal District and Court of Appeals cases
  • a consistent experience for greater efficiency and effectiveness

“Appellete Analytics opens up a whole new world of analytics and insights for customers,” said Wade Malone, Director of Product Management at Lex Machina. “Appellate Analytics brings two major enhancements to Lex Machina: First, to bring Legal Analytics to an important new court system, allowing users to answer many of the questions they’ve been able to answer about the District Court for years. Second, to improve the district court analytics users are already loving, such as results analysis and judge behavior, to provide even more insight and granularity.”

The introduction of Appelate Analytics by Lex Machina is a critical step in ensuring that law firms and legal departments understand the full history of cases, judges, attorneys and parties. Data from federal appeals courts puts the results of district court cases in a broader context. This provides even more insight into the case strategy and gives Lex Machina users an edge over their competitors.

Access to Appellate Analytics will be available through the Lex Machina Enterprise package.

Call Analytics Webcast
Lex Machina hosts a webcast to showcase new features on April 21, 2022 to noon ET/9 a.m. PT with Carla Rydholm (Senior Director of Product Management at Lex Machina) and Wade Malone (Director of Product Management). To register for the event or view a recording, go here: https://pages.lexmachina.com/Releasing-the-New-Legal-Analytics-for-Appeals-Webcast-2022_LP.html.

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Lex Machina received the “2021 Legal Technology Trailblazer” award (National Law Journal, 2021), “50 Most Admired Companies of the Year” (The Silicon Review, 2021) and “Media Excellence Award for Analytics/Big Data” (13th Annual Media Excellence Award, 2021). Based in Silicon Valley, Lex Machina is part of LexisNexis, one of the world’s leading providers of legal, regulatory and business information and analysis. For more information, please visit www.lexmachina.com.

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