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January 20, 2022 Sloan Council Meeting 1. Mayor Thorpe opened the council meeting at 7:00 p.m. a. Roll Call: Larson, Stoulil, Copple, Burton, Brekke Also Present: Deputy Rose, Todd Wilson (Maintenance), David Briese (City Attorney) and City Clerk Dixie Iverson, Mayor Thorpe opened the public hearing. This was a public hearing on the proposed resolution. to approve the maximum property tax dollars for fiscal year 23 for the total affected levies for the Town of Sloan. No citizen was present to express an opinion for or against the proposal. No oral or written comment was ever received after the required notice was published in the Sioux City Journal and posted at five locations in Sloan. Larson made a motion and Copple seconded it to close the public hearing. Mayor Thorpe declared the public hearing closed. 2. MP Rose was present to answer any questions about the activity during the month of December. 3. Open session: a. No one is present to address the Council. 4.Brekke made a motion and Larson seconded the approval of the December 16, 2021 minutes as presented. No further discussion. All yes™ 5. Copple made a motion and Stoulil seconded to approve the demands as presented. No further discussion. All yes…MC 6. Brekke made a motion and Stoulil seconded to approve the budget and financial report as presented. No further discussion. All Yes™ 7. Building Permits: None 8. Stoulil presented a motion and Brekke seconded it to approve the Urban Revitalization Tax Abatement List. No further discussion. All AIESMC income received by Fund for the month of December 2021 Interest Earned 83.57 General 19,805.21 Road use tax 10,375.98 Local option sales tax 14,130.69 Water 8,265.47 Water 8,707.08 IN/OUT TRANSFERS 23,829 .61 TOTAL REVENUES 113,516.61 BALLS APPROVED: DEC1 17, 2021, through Jan 20 2022: ACS-WW Testing-519.00; ARAMARK-Uniform Service-317.75; BOMGAARS-Saw blades, etc.-19.98; BURGESS HEALTH CENTER – CoPay-335.96 Flu Vaccine Employee; CAMPBELL SUPPLY-Compo Cast Reamer and Hammer Set-212.00; CASEY’S BUSINESS MASTERCARD-Fuel-387.99; CATALYST IT-Anti-Virus & Micro-Office 365 & Tech Service for Laptops-1511.30; CHN-Garbage Service-5772.72; CRARY HUFF LAW FIRM-Attorney Fees-310.00; DEARBORN LIFE INS Co-Employee Life Ins-158.58; DELTA DENTAL-Vision Ins-30.16; REFUND OF DEPOSIT-UB Refund-39.99; DPC INDUSTRIES-Demurrage/Rental-20.00; EFTPS-Fed/FICA Tax-3327.27; ELECTRIC PUMP-Service Call, Prince Lift Station-1452.80; GRAINGER-HPS-86.98 bulbs; HACH COMPANY – KTO Manganese-460.27 Reagent Kit; HUNZELMAN Putzier & Co-Progress Billing, Audit FY21-510.00; I&S GROUP-Progress Billing, Project 21-25698-200.00; IOWA ONE CALL-Locates-46.10; IOWA WORKFORCE DEVEL.-4th Qtr Unemployment Tax-16.36; IPERS-IPERS-2045.18; JP COOKE CO-2022 Pet Tags-82.50; LONG LINES-Telephone, Fax, Internet-391.00; MC2-Repair Parts, Sewer-236.44; MIDAMERICAN ENERGY-Electric & Gas Usage-4786.99; MIKE’S REPAIR-Batteries,Etc.-277.16; MITCHELL CONTRACTING-Intake on Elm St,Fosters-3500.00; MUNICIPAL SUPPLY INC-Automatic gun for meter reading-1518.21; NEW COOP-diesel fuel-764.64; OFFICE ITEMS-Office supplies-75.46; OMNISITE-Wireless Service Lift Station-276.00; SIOUX CITY JOURNAL-Imprint-183.64; SIOUXLAND DISTRICT HEALTH-Water Testing-38.00; SLOAN CEMETERY-Qtrly Contribution-450.00; SLOAN FIRE DEPT.-Quarterly Contribution-3150.00; SLOAN LIBRARY-Qtrly Contribution-11750.00; SLOAN POST OFFICE-Stamps-392.00; SLOAN STATE BANK-Principal & Interest pd on Loan-10821.72; SOOLAND BOBCAT-Oil for Bobcat-55.00; STATE WITHHOLDING-State Taxes-1553.00; STEVE RICHARDSON-Bld inspections for 2021-1800.00; THOMPSON ELECTRIC-Fire Alarm and Battery Inspection, Lib-166.60; TREASURER STATE OF IOWA-4th Quarter Water Sales/Excise Tax for 2021-1975.03; TRIPLE C PEST CONTROL-Mosquito Fogging for 2022-3990.00; VERIZON WIRELESS-Employee Cell Phones-107.09; WELLMARK-Employee Health Ins-2819.65 TOTAL CLAIMS: $68,940.52 TOTAL FUNDS: GENERAL FUND-38,827.36; ROAD USE TAX FUND-4,611.52; WATER FUNDS-7,203.25; SEWER FUND-18,298.39 9. Service Report: Todd Wilson provided an updated service report. a. Council discussed MNR’s letter regarding the compliance status of chloride. 10. Unfinished business: a.Larson moved and Stoulil seconded to bring the discussion on the offer to purchase for lot 35 back to the table. No further discussion. All Yes™ 11. New Business: a. Brekke made a motion and Copple seconded to approve and adopt RESOLUTION 2022-01a Resolution outlining salaries for calendar year 2021. No further discussion Roll-call vote MC: Brekke (yes), Copple (yes), Burton (Yes), Stoulil (Yes), Larson (Yes) b. Copple made a motion and Larson seconded to approve and carry RESOLUTION 2022-02a Resolution approving maximum property tax dollars for FY23. No further discussion Recorded vote MC: Copple (yes), Larson (Yes), Stoulil (Yes), Burton (Yes), Brekke (Yes) c. Stoulil made a motion and Brekke seconded the approval of the OFFER TO PURCHASE REAL ESTATE, Lot 35, Walpole Addition, Second Deposit to the Town of Sloan for $14,500.00. (Note: this is only an acceptance of the amount of the offer to purchase and is not final until after the PUBLIC HEARING). No further discussion MC Roll-call vote: Stoulil (Yes), Brekke (Yes), Burton (Yes), Copple (Yes), Larson (Yes) d. Stoulil made a motion and Brekke seconded the filing of RESOLUTION 2022-03 (a) a resolution “proposing” to sell Lot 35, Walpole Addition, Second Depot to the Town of Sloan, and setting a time and place for the holding of a PUBLIC HEARING on February 24, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of Sloan IA Town Hall. No further discussion Roll-call vote MC: Stoulil (Yes), Brekke (Yes), Larson (Yes), Burton (Yes), Copple (Yes) e. Mayor Thorpe asked the council which department they would like to head. The following department heads are: Mayor Pro-Tem: Rob Copple, Water/Sewer: Brekke/Larson, Streets: Matt Burton, Buildings: Rob Copple, Parks and Recreation: Mitch Stoulil. Mayor Thorpe then asked for volunteers to represent the city at the following meetings: Discharge: Mayor Thorpe, Fire Hall and Golf Course: Any councilors available that evening. No further discussion. F. Brekke made a motion and Copple seconded the appointment of Dixie Iverson as Clerk/Treasurer and Attorney(s) of Crary Huff Law Firm as City Attorney for a 2-year term pursuant to Chapter 17, Sec. 17.05 of the Ordinance Code. No further discussion. All yesTM g. Larson made a motion and Copple seconded to accept the delay agreement with Herrity Construction for Lot 39 and ordered the mayor to sign the agreement. No further discussion. All yesTM h. Councilor Copple reported that the golf course requires gate replacements for four (4) gates. He presented a proposal from Klemmensen Commercial Doors & Frames to the board. Larson made a motion and Brekke seconded to accept the $10,100 proposal. No further discussion. All yesTM i. Council discussed with the City Clerk the grant(s) for the sidewalks and wanted to know when we should start work in accordance with grant compliance. Clerk Iverson advised that the first progress report must be submitted by July 15 of this year and that the project must be completed by December 31, 2022. Councilor Stoulil will email requests for deals the week of Jan. 24 and the decision on who to award the contract will be at the Feb. 24 meeting. No further discussion. J. Council discussed several ideas for a memorial to Trevor Meylor. A decision will be announced later. k. Council discussed nuisance at 810 Evans Street. The city attorney was instructed to send a letter to the owners. 12. Updates from the City Clerk: a. Budget planning should take place in the next week or two. Mayor Thorpe adjourned the meeting at 8:44 p.m. Next Regular Council Meeting: February 24, 2022 __________________ Charles M Thorpe – Mayor __________________ Dixie D Iverson – City Clerk Published in the Sioux City Journal on January 29, 2022. LGL#35150

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