LGL#35165 Board Complaints 01/19/2022 | Legal services

Westwood CSD Board Claims 1/19/2022 GENERAL FUND 3RD LIGHTS 19.76 AHLERS & COONEY, PC LEGAL SERVICES 436.00 AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES, INC SUPPLIES 487.98 ATHENA ENERGY SERVICES HOLDINGS, NATURAL GAS 47.70 BLACKSTRAP INC SALT 527, 50 BMO MASTERCARD SUPPLIES 3,432.00 BOMGAEYS SUPPLIES 3,432.00 BOMGAEYS SUPPLIES 3,432.00 Mastercard Gasoline 83.68 Chesterman Company Supplies 121.62 Sloan Utilities 1,341.50 Cole Papers Inc Paper Products 90.91 Collins, Chase Tuition Reimbursement 2,309.53 Conner athletics connectors Cables, bus repairs 420.84 Egan Bus supply 1,790.30 Garred, Laura Accompagnateur 500.00 Generation Genie, INC ANNUAL SCIENCE PLAN 995.00 GROTH, MICHAEL TUITION REIMBURSEMENT 2,106.38 HOME SUPPLIES DEPOT PRO 59.56 IASB ONLINE NEEDS ASSESSMENT 2,230.00 IOWA ASSOC.OF SCHOOL BUS. Budget Training 100.00 Iowa Internet Communications Network 434.75 Iowa Workforce Development Fee 211.00 Jaymar Business Form Forms 108.52 JDH Services LLC Annual Spraying 275.00 John Deere Financial Tonding / Gator Repair 765.57 Johnston AutoStores Battery 798.11 JW Pepper Concert Music 28.99 Karlas Karlas Catering Lunch PD 1,000.00 LacPort Heating and Cooling Replace Air Handlers (ESSER) 38,280.00 CSD of lawton-Bronson Open Registration 3,325.01 Loffler Toner 258.55 Mapleton 4th Grade Sewer Service 504.00 Matheson Tri -Gas, Inc Soudder & Accessories 4,158.00 Medical Enterprises, Inc Duges, Driver Test 655.00 QUESTION SERVICES PURCHASED SERVICES Bought Service 4,800.00 Mid American Energy Energy 8,682.11 Bus Repair Midwest LLC Bus Repair 455.00 Mike’s Repair, Inc. Repairs 607.00 Moore, Richard Purchased Service 175.00 Nate’s Glass LLC Repairs 347.34 New c Cooperative Inc Diesel 2,625.00 Northwest AEA Envelopes 109.00 Onawa Florist Inc. Flowers 45.00 Source Source Background Check Background Check 61.00 Paymentspring, LLC Fee 1.00 Pitney Bowes Postage Material 692.78 Quill Company Supplies 1,652.39 Rasmussen Mechanical Joint Services 19.98 Ryan Publishing Beautiful Advertising 185.30 Sam’s Wholesale Club Supplies 27.76 School Administrators OF IOWA SAI LAW CONFERENCE 110.00 SGT BLUFF-LUTON CSD SHARED TRANS. DIR. 7,405.90 SGT BLUFF-LUTON CSD OPEN REGISTRATION 81,448.24 SHANE’S GLASS & MORE LLC REPAIRS 130.00 SIBENALLER, JANET SERVICE PURCHASED 150.00 SIOUX CITY COMM. School District Open Registration 11,083.35 Sioux City Newspaper 12/15/21 minutes 1,307.10 Sioux City Winnelson Winnelson Co Hot Water Heater 2,082.03 Staples Office Supplies 324.92 Townsend Casing Repairs 1,125.00 UNIVERSAL PEDIATRIC SERVICES COMMUNITY SERVICES OPENING OPENING 3,694.45 WESTERN IOWA TECH TREE TECH HOT LUNCH PRE K Snacks 167.85 Whiting Community School Registration 18,472.23 Woodbury Central Open Total 3,694.45 Total Fund: 247,024.43 1% Sales Tax 3rd LED 30.80 All-Iowa Scoreboards, LLC Banners for Courtyard 9,486.00 Carroll Distribution and Supplies 60.63 Engineering Design Associates, Boiler Replacement/Power Upgrades 4,920.00 Rick’s Samsung Galaxy Tablet Computers 1,650.00 City of Sioux Winnelson CO Suvelez 1st grade 2,513.78 Smith Performance LLC SYPRISION 2,000.00 THOMPSON ELECTRICENCE INTERCOM 1,300.00 ELECTRICAL CHARGING COVER COVER INSTITURE 9,576.63 PPEL FUND AT&T Mobility LLC Internet 2,662.50 District admin, Inc Tables 5,300.00 00 Table from Glover, LLC East Commons Paint 4,895.75 Klemmensen Commercial Door & Kitchen Back Splash 2,000.00 LacPort Heating and Cooling Service Purchased 7,633.00 Long Lines Phone/Fax 831.38 Rick’s Computers 21-22 2nd QRR Support 6,000.00 Ward Ward Company Parking and Football Sheets 8,362.69 Total Fund: 37,685.32 School Nutrition Fund Amazon Capital Services, Inc Supplies 34.95 Supplies American Septic and Portable 155.00 Aramark Uniforms and Career Career Service 946.20 DFA DAIRY BRANDS COMPANY, LLC Summerfood 6,835.58 Martin Bros Summerfood 14,277.03 Paymentpring, LLC Fee 93.02 Rapids, Supplies 1,332.01 Wholesale Club Supplies Sam’s Sam’s Sam’s Sam’s City Winnelson Co Hot Pump Kitchen 532.50 Total Fund: 25,090.60 Aberson, Berwyn Student Activity Fund Official 125.00 Amazon Cap ital Services, Inc Supplies 148.50 BMK Arrangements Show Chorus Arrangements 21-22 1,000.00 BMO SUPPLIES MASTERCARD 13,617.20 Bobier Portrait Studio Posters 850.00 Borchers, Bryan Official 125.00 Boyer Valley CSD CSD Entrance Fee 80.00 BSN Sports Sports Headphones 38.14 Burkhart, Brenda Trip Refund 1,000.00 Casey’s Business Mastercard Pizza 164.86 Clark, William Official 125.00 Cole, Brian Pit Orchestra – Musical 450.00 Cole, Emily Pit Orchestra – Musical 450.00 Crow, Richard Official 125.00 Dahlhauser, Philip Official 160.00 Danurand, Robert Pit Orchestra – Musical 450.00 Pro Shop Donations Price 106.00 Envisions FFA Sweatshirt Concession Supplies 323.90 Gail McInnis Productions Show Chorus Costumes 7,686.76 Garcia, Amanda Trip Reimbursement 150.00 Graffix Inc, DBA Wall of Fame Shirt 12.00 Henderson, Alan Official 80.00 Hinton Hinton CSD Entrance Entrance 500.00 IOWA Right Hand Right Hand Suite 16.00 Jenness, Lloyd Official 125 .00 Johnson, Robert Official 125.00 JW Pepper Jazz Band Music 84.00 Kaufman, Kerry Trip REFUND 500.00 KRUEGER, JILL TRIP REFUND ENT 799.00 Lawton-Bronson CSD Entrance Fee 150.00 McCone Foods FundrAreer 1,260.00 MCPIKE, Milton Official 125.00 Minntex Fundraiser 21,973.75 AeX North West Banner 119.98 Paulsen, Andrew Pit Orchestra – Music 450.00 Pizza Post Pizza 1,615.24 PLOEGER, OFFICIAL LANCE 125.00 POWELL, Official Roger 125.00 Riley, Dylan Official 125.00 Sadler, Official Todd 125.00 Sam Supplies Wholesale Supplies 24.62 Sanford, Official Denny 150.00 Schertz, Andrew Pit Orchestra – Musical 450.00 Sherlock, Cameron Pit Orchestra – Musical 450.00 SIOUXLAND SCHOOL ENTRANCE FEE 102.00 DENTH STREET DESIGNS SHIRTS 476.16 Room Workout Inc. Sanitizer 117.36 Tri-Centre Community Schools Admission 120.00 University of South Dakota, Registration 140.00 Vanderloo, Tyler Official 125.00 Varsity Spirit Spirit Fashion BB Make Shoes 1,445.30 Von Hagel, Ryan & Michelle Travel Discount, Ryan & Michelle Reimbursement 1,325.00 Watson, Matthew CHOREOGRAPHER 1,000.00 WAYNE STATE COLLEGE, HONOR B And Audition Fee 85.00 Wehde, Shawn Official 125.00 West Sioux Community School Ensency Fee 60.00 Wilcox, John Official 125.00 Wyhe’s Choice Fundraising LLC Fund 5,775.00 Total Fund: 72,582.31 Fund Amazon Capital Services, Inc Zoom SAudio Recorded 238.00 BMO MasterCard Credit Charged 2x Senior Night -291.28 LOU’S SPORTING GOODS WRESTLING WARM UPS 1,048.80 Total fund: 995.52 Published in the Sioux City Journal on February 2, 2022. LGL#35165

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