MVLS partners with GBMC to provide legal services to seniors

The Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service is launching a collaboration with the Greater Baltimore Medical Center to provide legal services to seniors in communities near GBMC’s newly relocated hospice facility.

The partnership is the result of a $25,000 grant from GBMC, which has also committed to a second year of funding.

MVLS will provide free civil legal aid to residents living in neighborhoods near Gilchrist Center Baltimore at Stadium Place, including the Waverly and Greenmount areas.

“We really can each play a vital role in helping to stabilize an individual in their community,” said Susan Francis, Executive Director of MVLS. Francis said his organization can help address some of the social determinants of health, such as housing, alongside the medical care provided by GBMC.

“If we take health outcomes seriously, if we really want people to lead healthy lives, there has to be this throwback to, what are all these everyday experiences that are going to affect it? said Francois.

Legal assistance will include estate planning to help seniors with title issues, access to tax credits and relief funds, and use of Baltimore’s home repair programs, who can fund modifications such as wheelchair ramps, grab bars and other improvements to help residents age. square.

Issues involving deeds can be especially difficult in multigenerational households, where residents may never have had their names listed on the deed to a home passed down from a loved one, Francis said.

This can affect eligibility for assistance programs, such as home repair funding, which can help seniors stay in their homes as they age.

Estate planning can anticipate deed issues, Francis said, and MVLS offers other services to help sort out complicated deed issues after the fact. Legal assistance will help preserve family wealth and assets for future generations, as well as protect older people who need help staying in their homes, she said.

MVLS will work with community partners to educate residents about how legal services can be helpful as they age.

As the largest provider of pro bono civil legal services in Maryland, MVLS can help seniors in a variety of ways, including granting power of attorney, resolving deed issues, and ending abusive debt collection.

“We take a broader view of what happens to our elderly patients when they leave our hospital’s care and return to their local neighborhood. We recognize that adults need stable, reliable housing, so they can age in place longer,” said Catherine Hamel, President of Gilchrist Center Baltimore and Executive Vice President of Continuing Care at GBMC HealthCare.

“With the help of MVLS, we hope that more adults will benefit from the services and programs needed to maintain and renovate their homes as their abilities and needs change, so that they can stay comfortably and safely in their home and with the people they love.”

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