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HOUSTON, October 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Gulfstream Legal Group, a respected litigation support company specializing in eDiscovery and record recovery, announces the availability of Relativity Analytics, which will allow eDiscovery customers to add new, more granular automations to categorize documents, reduce the document review time and increase productivity in each case.

“Relativity analysis tools are a game changer as our clients will review fewer documents and spend less time with each responsive document for each review project,” said Ryan Rhodes, national director of client services at Gulfstream Legal. “The features of Relativity Analytics are easy to use, very precise in their results and their quick review, which will allow our clients to deliver a better work product to their end customers and stakeholders. “

New data analysis features in Relativity Analytics help users easily analyze people, terms and concepts and eliminate irrelevant information early in the case. Easy-to-use dashboards and reports simplify access to information throughout a case’s lifecycle.

Relativity Analysis offers two options for active learning: Priority Review and Coverage Review. Priority Review allows Gulfstream customers to quickly identify and review the most relevant documents and is best used for a standard production or lien review request. Coverage Review quickly separates documents into responsive and non-responsive categories and is best applied for quick productions when users need to train the active learning model as quickly as possible.

“Relativity Analytics enables Gulfstream customers to work smarter and faster on every production,” Rhodes continues. “The tools help identify hot documents, pre-production privileged documents, and unfamiliar relevant terms by analyzing content based on concept. These tools have the power to impact the bottom line when it comes to eDiscovery review. “

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