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Dimapur, November 13 (MExN): A state-wide legal mega camp was held across Nagaland on November 13 and saw 9,096 beneficiaries, according to a press release from Ketholeno Neihu, public relations assistant for the Legal Services Authority of Nagaland State (NSLSA).

Tseminyu: Judge Hukato Swu, Judge of the High Court of Gauhati, Kohima Bench, today opened the State-level Exhibition on the Justice System, Judicial Administration and Legal System Reflecting History, the important landmarks and activities of the High Court of Gauhati and legal services at Tseminyu Town Hall.

Wokha: Wokha DLSA organized a legal services camp and mega-camp for the distribution of the benefits of the government social protection programs to the authorized beneficiaries at the Lotsu community hall in collaboration with the district administration and various departments. The services provided during the camp were: free medical examination and medicines, Aadhar card registration and correction, free vaccination, free saplings, registration of births and deaths (certificate), free animal health care and medicines, demonstration and distribution fish feed, malaria tests and drugs, welfare plans, post office, NRLM, rural, free legal aid office-affidavit-name correction, date of birth, name F / M, deed, brochures free legal, legal advice, drafting, request, among others. Beneficiaries from 10 villages participated in the camp and a total of 436 people benefited from it.

Zunheboto: Zunheboto DLSA hosted the Mega Camp at the Deputy Commissioners Complex on November 13th. The opening speech and the public benefits for the camp were highlighted and underlined by Ajongba Imchen, President of ZDLSA and the inaugural speech was delivered by Peter Lichamo, Deputy Commissioner Zunheboto. The medical department, the welfare department, the economics and statistics department, the labor department, the Sakhi One Stop Center, the prosecution service, PI staff and a special consultant from the Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship (MGNF) provided free services to beneficiaries. In total, 1,295 beneficiaries received various benefits from different departments and the public number 2167 attended the Mega Camp.

Mokokchung: The Mokokchung DLSA organized a legal services camp in Sungratsu village covering Asetkong beach including 10 villages for IMDH disability assessment and certification, registration for old age pension and pension of disability and the grant from the social protection department, registration of the employment card of the labor department.

People with disabilities have been identified by Caritas India and initiatives to bring them in person from different villages have been taken. Affidavits, statements, essays and free legal advice were also taken.

Brochures on different diagrams and topics were distributed to the participants. A total of 91 beneficiaries for the old age pension were registered, 11 for the invalidity pension, 74 beneficiaries were assessed and certified with a certificate of invalidity. More than 50 beneficiaries have been registered for the labor card and more than 10 beneficiaries for affidavit and legal advice. In total, more than 236 beneficiaries have benefited from the camp.

Tuensang: Tuensang DLSA organized a one-day mega camp at CKS hall Tuensang in with the participation of various departments which provided free services related to public health, welfare schemes, Aadhar map corrections, editorial staff free affidavit, etc. and 29 beneficiaries took the COVID-19 vaccine. In total, 1,510 beneficiaries from 66 villages benefited from the Mega Camp.

Peren: Peren DLSA / CJM Secretary, BP Resu officially inaugurated the Legal Services Camp organized by Peren DLSA in collaboration with various departments. The Agriculture department, in addition to setting up the perimeters, distributed plants and fertilizers, etc.

Programs such as PMKMY, PMKSN and NMOOP were presented to the public. The Horticultural Department distributed brochures and gave advice and guidance and answered frequently asked questions.

Programs like MIDH, RKVY and PMKSY, etc. were also presented to citizens.

The medical department provided the COVID vaccine and informed the participants of the Ayushmann Bharat program. The Department of Social Protection has introduced various schemes and distributed old age pensions. Schemes such as IGNWPS, IGNDPS, IGNOAS, NFBS, Blind Pension, Old State Pension, Poshan Abhiyan, etc. were introduced. The postal service shared various programs like SSA, PLI, RPLI, IPPB, KVP, PPF, NSC, MIS, etc. Peren DLSA provided affidavits, brochures and free legal advice to citizens. In total, 730 beneficiaries from all departments and around 1,500 visitors took advantage of the benefits of the Mega Camp.

Mon: My DLSA hosted the Mega Legal Camp on November 11 in Tizit sub-division. A total of 860 people from 26 villages in the Tizit subdivision have benefited from various departments and programs. The beneficiaries benefited from the free services of the administration such as the purchase of ST, the indigenous certificates for free. The opening of a new bank account was carried out by the Central Bank of India and the postal service, free check-up and distribution of medicines was carried out by the medical service while the My Child Helpline and Senior team Citizens distributed brochures and also raised awareness. Affidavit writing, legal advice, and distribution of legal brochures were done by DLSA on Monday.

Phek: In Phek, DLSA organized a Mega Legal Camp in collaboration with Phek District Administration, Phek District Hospital, Phek Welfare and Social Affairs Department, Economics Department and Phek Statistics, Phek Labor Department, Phek Food and Civilian Supply, Phek Agriculture Department, State Bank of India. Phek and Phek cooperative bank at local Phek soil. Services provided during the camp were: free legal writing, free legal consultation and advice, registration and correction of the new Aadhaar card, free medical examination, COVID-19 vaccination / test, diabetes and blood pressure screening, mental health, registration of old age pension, widow, disability schemes, issuance of E-shram / NBOCW registration forms, birth and death certificates, distribution of various seeds, loans and opening of new bank accounts. A total of 877 beneficiaries took advantage of the camp’s services and programs.

Kiphir: Kiphire DLSA, in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare, Kiphire hosted the Mega Camp on November 12 by distributing nutritious food to four public schools (primary and secondary schools), including Shalom Children Home, Kiphire.

Length : Longleng DLSA organized a mega camp at the Shamakok Mission School campus. 8 different departments sensitized beneficiaries on various services to be provided, including legal drafting, issuance of an E-shram initiated by the labor office and the commission, the office of the social protection department, the statistics department and economics, disaster management, the NST department, the forum for the elderly, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Civilian Supply. A total of 855 beneficiaries benefited from the services in the camp.

Dimapur: Dimapur DLSA, under the auspices of the NSLSA, organized the Mega Camp at the District Court Complex in collaboration with various departments. During the camp, various public social assistance schemes to which beneficiaries are entitled were made available.


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