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Our expert lawyers can help ensure the correct SEN disposition and assist appeals against decisions of local authorities if necessary.

SEN provision and recourse to the courts


The current Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) scheme specifying SEN support replaced the previous system of declarations of special educational needs. EHCP is a powerful tool, but to be truly effective it is important that the formulation be as precise as possible. Our team can help you get an assessment of your child’s educational, health and care needs (EHC), create an EHCP or edit the content of the EHCP, making sure it is correct, accurate and suitable for the purpose.


If you do not agree with the decisions of your local authority, you can appeal to the court of first instance (special educational needs and disability). This can be difficult and should not be attempted without professional help. Given the weight of official opinion and legal advice that will be opposed to you, it is imperative that you combine this knowledge and support to ensure that your appeal has the best chance of success.

To live

Nothing is more important to a parent than ensuring that their children get the best possible start in life and are equipped for a rich and fulfilling adult life. Whether your child’s special educational needs result from a congenital illness or injury suffered at birth or after birth, our renowned SEN legal experts can help your youngster reach their true potential.

Watch how our team fought for an Oscar Gerring EHCP and the education it deserved despite local authorities’ insistence that his identified special educational needs did not require specialist support.

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