Trump-appointed judge claims doctors are changing babies’ gender to block Obamacare rule / LGBTQ Nation

A Trump-appointed judge has just blocked federal agencies from enforcing part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on the grounds that it would require doctors to perform gender-affirming care, including surgery, on babies. The wild claim is patently false.

ACL Section 1557 states that health care cannot be denied to any individual based on discrimination based on gender, race, disability status and various other reasons.

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Jump to October 2021, the Alleged Christian Employers Alliance that the implementation of ACA Section 1557 was an affront to their religious freedom. Essentially, the lawsuit said that being forced to treat patients with gender dysphoria would be “[prevent] prevent them from maintaining views and facilities consistent with their religious beliefs.”

The lawsuit sought an injunction restraining the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) from carrying out their duties in ensuring that transgender patients are not victimized of discrimination.

Judge Daniel Traynora Trump appointee, sided with the Christian Employers Alliance in claiming that the denial of care to transgender people was an expression of the plaintiff’s religious freedom.

Traynor’s opinion appears to be based on the idea that HHS will sue doctors for refusing to medically transition infants.

“The idea that a newborn can be surgically altered to change gender is the result of the Biden HHS Notice and HHS guidelines that qualify a medical professional’s refusal to do so as discrimination,” says the trial. “Indeed, HHS Guidance specifically invites the public to file complaints for acting in a way that the Alliance believes is consistent with their sincere religious beliefs.”

The judge essentially implied that the religious freedom of the Christian Employers Alliance trumps the right of transgender people to be treated for their gender dysphoria, over the false claim that babies are in transition.

Basic research shows that no infant is in transition. Puberty blockers, the first step in the transition from childhood, cannot be prescribed before the age of 12.

What is a problem, however, are the effects of living without proper gender-affirming care.

“Gender dysphoria can have serious health implications,” wrote Samantha Schmidt for The Washington Post in February. “It can affect a person’s ability to function in school or at work and can lead to intense anxiety, depression and risk of suicide.”

So a Trump-appointed judge saw fit to side with a religious organization, prioritizing their religious freedom to ensure the babies don’t transition, which isn’t a problem. to begin with, and as a result, transgender people are at risk of not receiving vital health care.

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