Wawasee’s acting chief financial officer, Dr. Brandon Penrod (right), speaks with the school board Tuesday night about the 2023 budget. Photo by David Slone, Times Union

SYRACUSE — The Wawasee School Board consolidated and approved six financial resolutions related to the 2023 budget and two related to project bonds during their meeting Tuesday evening.

The first was a resolution giving Wawasee Superintendent Dr. Steve Troyer the authority to reduce 2023 appropriations and reduce and/or transfer 2022 appropriations. The authority can be exercised during the response period of the School Corporation to the 2023 Wawasee Budget Amendment by the Department of Local Government Finance.

The second resolution gives the superintendent the ability to transfer funds from the education fund to the operating fund. Acting chief financial officer Dr Brandon Penrod said up to 15% could be transferred.

Another resolution allows the transfer of 2022 budget appropriations.

Resolution 2022-12 is called a “Form 4,” Penrod said. “That’s what sets your tax rate, your tax levy and your budget. He reminded the board that they’ve been through all of this before, since July and August. A budget hearing was held in September .

“That’s what adopts the rate, the levy, and the budget,” Penrod said.

The adopted budget includes a rainy day fund of $750,000; debt service, $12,305,651; education fund, $21,641,503; and operations, $10,145,806 for a total of $44,842,960. The total tax levy adopted is $19,541,999, with an adopted tax rate of $0.8362 per $100 of property assessment.

“I emphasize again that you will see very high rates there because we protect the school. We lowered the (assessed valuation) that we announced and then … expect the rate to be where it was for 22 years,” Penrod said.

The last two budget related resolutions concerned the Capital Projects Funding Plan and the Bus Replacement Plan. The CPF is a general idea of ​​what Wawasee schools could spend money on at each facility, while the Bus Replacement Plan is the five-year plan based on 12 years of bus use and replacements, a he declared.

The last two resolutions were bond resolutions.

Resolution 2022-15 states that Wawasee intends to fund renovations and improvements to school facilities, including interior renovations, HVAC renovations, athletic upgrades, and the purchase of buses, technology, and equipment. equipment for an amount not exceeding $5,815,000 and it intends to finance the project with the proceeds of obligations incurred by the school corporation for an amount not exceeding $5,815,000.

The preliminary bond resolution – Resolution 2022-16 – states that the interest rate on the 2022 general bond bonds will not exceed 6% per annum. The first payment of the deposit will be paid in July 2023.

These two binding resolutions are the first to be presented and approved by the School Board, with three or four other resolutions in November.

The bond sale is expected to close in late November or early December, Penrod said.

In other cases, counsel:

• Approved to increase the locum nurse salary as suggested by Troyer and Director of Special Services Jennifer Phillips. A certified medical assistant will be paid $117 per day, while a registered nurse will be paid $130 per day.

• Approval of a special education assessment agreement with Rachelle A. Mabee, school psychologist. Troyer said Wawasee has been “inundated” with requests for special education assessments, and for those requests, the school corporation has to meet a specific timeline. Mabee will assist Wawasee with these assessments.

• Heard two reports from the Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Shelly Wilfong, including a report on Kindergarten Readiness 2022-2023. She pointed out that students who participated in Wawasee Pre-Kindergarten and/or the Start United program were more ready for kindergarten than those who did not.

• Approved three donations to the Wawasee High School Supermileage vehicle and program, including $3,000 from Sally Mahnken; $1,000 from Jason E. and Melanie C. Mickley; and $500 from Lakeland Animal Clinic.

• Approval of a $500 donation from an anonymous donor to send a few students to a week-long audio/video/film camp at Huntington University.

• Heard North Webster Elementary School principal Lee Snider was a finalist for the Indianapolis Colts Classroom Quarterback Award. The Colts and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield have teamed up to recognize teachers, administrators, nurses and staff members who go above and beyond in their students, schools and communities. As the runner-up, Snider received a $100 Amazon gift card for school supplies, two tickets to the Colts’ regular-season home opener and Colts merchandise.

• Was reminded by Troyer that a community meeting on the merger of the two middle schools into Wawasee Middle School will be held at 6:30 p.m. on October 25 in the Milford School gymnasium. There will be time for public comments. A formal college recommendation will be presented to the school board at its December 13 meeting.

He also reminded the board that the Wawasee Community Educators Association Forum for School Candidates will be held at 6:30 p.m. on October 27 in the Wawasee Middle School Lecture Hall. This is not a debate, but candidates will answer prepared questions.

Both events are open to the public.