Woman claims vaccine caused shoulder handicap

A teacher has filed a lawsuit against health officials, holding them responsible for the weakness and pain in her left shoulder because a COVID-19 vaccine was improperly administered. It demands that they pay damages.

The woman lodged her protest against the Minister of Health, the Superintendent of Public Health and the Director General of Health Services.

She said she received the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine in her left shoulder on March 3 and immediately began to experience severe pain in her left arm and shoulder.

Later that month, her doctor certified that she suffered from pain in her left shoulder caused by complications when she received the vaccine. He told her not to drive.

The woman said she needed to be seen at Mater Dei Hospital several times due to her persistent pain and that she had had MRI tests.

She was also seen by a consultant neurologist who referred her to an orthopedic consultant, suspecting that she was suffering from a “shoulder injury related to the administration of vaccines”.

The woman said she received the second dose of the vaccine, in her right arm, on May 12, and did not suffer from it.

The orthopedic surgeon reported how his patient received the injection in her left shoulder where she described an entry point near the acromion on the lateral side of her shoulder. As a result, she was in pain and also had spasms in her left shoulder and was also told that she might need surgery as the steroid injections did not work in relieving the inflammation.

The woman claimed she suffered from permanent disability because the jab was administered improperly and called on health officials to come forward for damages, claiming her condition was caused by unprofessionalism, of diligence, prudence or recklessness.

Lawyer Mariah Mula signed the protest.

Last week, an Å»abbar woman held medical authorities accountable for the damage after she claimed she suffered permanent scarring from an ‘infected needle’ used to administer her COVID-19 vaccine.

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